Why choose us?

As a brand new school, we have chosen to do some things differently to other secondary schools in the borough of Southwark. Compass School Southwark aims to be the best choice for you and your child by offering:

  • A small secondary school, with a strong sense of family and community
  • Small class sizes, with an average of 25 students per class
  • A resolute focus on getting the basics right: numeracy, literacy and the ability to relate to people and places
  • A challenging and stimulating curriculum which encourages students to explore and excel, to fully reach their potential
  • Music education as a core part of the curriculum from Year 7
  • An extended school day, which finishes no earlier than 4.30pm each day
  • Opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom to develop skills which are important for adult life and employment
  • A healthy learning environment, with a minimum of two hours a week of sport and free breakfast and fruit for all students
  • Advice, guidance and pathways for students towards higher education, training and/or employment